Congratulations, Kids!

So begins the tail-end of a very successful school year.

I’m taking a few moments to send out props to my kids, as I am so very proud of them all!

Stephen, congratulations for graduating from tech school…before you graduate high school.  A remarkable kid with remarkable skills!  He managed to also maintain honor roll all marking periods this year. Stephen will be leaving technical school with a certificate in Information Technology, as well as a summer job working for the county.  Looking forward to next year’s HS graduation, son.  Outstanding!

Congratulations, also, to Korrinne.  She will be leaving 10th grade, after also maintaining honor roll the entire year.  She will start 11th grade next year and will simultaneously attend technical school for a medical career, graduating as a senior with certification in Nursing!  All this and her part-time job…whew! Well done!!

Abigail will be graduating from middle school this year and starting her high school career.  Nice grades, and one year of Spanish already under her belt!  Congrats and a side note that the high school has NO IDEA what they are in for next year! 😉  And I’m not warning ’em.

Awesome job, Alex!  A successful year of 6th grade, second place in her 12U ice hockey tourney and a near miss at last weekends lacrosse tournament….you’ll get them next season!  Congratulations on all your hard work this year!  (And for managing to NOT murder one of your younger sisters.)  Truly, I am grateful.

Well done, Amy!  She is moving up from 5th grade with near perfect grades and a wonderful piece of art displayed at our library.  Seriously, this kid has talent!  Good luck at middle school next year, you will be fantastic!

Lastly, my Leah.  Also near perfect grades all year long, she will be moving up from 3rd grade and sailing into 4th.  A passion for reading and as smart as they come, I can’t wait to see what she does in the future.  Super job!

Kids, it hasn’t been easy.  We have had our share of struggles.  We will continue to work and strive.  I am so happy at all of your achievements and that you get to see first hand how your hard work pays off.  You have a VERY, VERY proud mom!  XOXOXO


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