Without today’s technology, how would I know where I am tomorrow?

So yesterday was the perfect “myunexcusedlife” example.  Exactly why I started this blog, to be honest.  You know, the kind where you think you never should have gotten out of bed.  Except that I never went to bed to begin with–I worked my night shift at the hospital Sunday night.  So let’s make that an “I should have gone to bed!” kind of day.

Monday was Columbus Day and a school holiday.  Typically when I work my nights, I get into bed about mid- morning, but my 12 year old daughter was going to be in the parade downtown.  She’s a Binghamton Blizzard and we were having a “Try Girl’s Hockey” float, everyone wearing their jerseys and handing out candy.  I thought it would be fun so I took her and the 2 younger girls.  We had to be there at 9:30, it started at 10, my older daughter’s appointment wasn’t until noon.  Plenty of time!

Right.  At 11:05 I realize I am in trouble.  Well, the parade has a while left to go, so I’ll run the girls home, grab my other girl, head back downtown, pick up my hockey player at the end of the event, and drop her sister off for the appointment.  No problem!!

About 7 minutes into the 20 minute ride back home, I get a text from jersey number 9.  “where r u?” What?  Done?  “yes”  So my 11 year old texts her back (I don’t text and drive–bad example!) that we will be back ASAP, going to get Kori.  Hang out for a bit.  “hurry”.  Of course.  So I make it home in record time, the girls scramble out, Kori takes her time getting in.  She 17.  ‘Nuff said.  Back downtown we go.  Quickly.

New text:  “where r u? ur holding everyone up”.  What?  They’re all waiting for me?!?!  Of course they are.  Alex’s mom is late again, we can’t leave her by herself.  Don’t worry, Alex, we will wait till your mom comes.  Great.  So while I’m booking it back, I’m going over what they must be thinking.  Celena screwed up again.  Because I never really fit in with this crowd.  Hockey is a very expensive sport, there are no other single parents.  Strictly a two-income past time.  We only afford it because Dad pays for it—that and not much else.

However, it’s up to my genius self to figure out how to get her to everything, and my other 5 kids, too. But they will understand–this single mom thing doesn’t always work perfectly–of course they will!

Long story shortened, I make it back.  Alex hops in–and holds up a slightly bloody left hand.  I take a split-second to process this before shooting off to get Kori where she needs to be.  Ring finger swollen.  “What did you do?”  “Kaitlyn’s grandma slammed it in the door of the truck, but I didn’t say anything…they would freak out.  I just kept it in my pocket.”  Perfect.  Okay, mom, I think…new plan. Drop Kori off, get ice, take Alex home, 2 extra-strength Tylenol, more ice….Alex rest.  Go pick Kori back up by 1pm, go back home, get Alex….head to the walk-in clinic.  Got it!

Did it.

At the walk-in clinic we wait.  We get seen, the physician’s assistant orders an X-ray and thank goodness nothing is broken.  Bone bruise, no hockey practice tonight.  Again.   While waiting in the clinic, I realize I haven’t eaten since about 3am-a quick burger I had picked up on the way in to work the night before–and that I have been up over 24 hours.  I text one of the girls:  “Someone make me something to eat!”  Text back:  “what do u want?”  Me text:  “That noodle thing with the bacon in it.”  “ok”.   And we head home.  Where I say hi, give hugs, take my food into my room, eat—and pass out.  I intended to sleep for a couple of hours—and bolted awake at 2am.  Oh, God.

I can’t go back to sleep, because I have questions.  What happened the rest of the evening?  1)  It was Dad’s birthday, the kids made him a cake.  Did he come over and get it?  How did that go?  Was he sober?  Did he make anyone feel bad?  Did it go ok?  2)  Did everyone finish their homework?  3) Did Abby finish her laundry and Kori get to do hers?  4)  Did everyone get their showers?  5)  Did everyone go to bed on time?  We have school tomorrow/today!  6)  Is anyone mad at me for leaving them to fend for themselves?  7)  Why didn’t anyone wake me UP???

I know the answer to that last one.  They knew I was tired, they are older now—and they love me.  As for my other questions, everyone is sleeping where they should be and I can’t ask right now.

So I’d better get on Facebook and check.  🙂



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh my, just reading this made me tired. Sleep tight x


  2. asoulwalker says:

    That is an epic day. May you have a string of not so epic days in your future.


    1. truthsparked says:

      Thanks for the good wishes!!


  3. Sounds like a busy day!! Try not to worry about it, I’m sure your girls don’t blame you – everyone gets tired sometimes! Try and have a rest 🙂 xx


  4. I was out of breath just reading all that! kudos to you for balancing everything and raising what sound like amazing kiddos. May those days be few and far between!


    1. truthsparked says:

      Thank you, they are amazing! Lucky me, I’m in calm waters for now. 🙂


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