Well, damn. Find the love, people.

I was looking deep into the depths of the bytes of my computer today–and stumbled onto something I’d written a while back.  I’ve decided to post it due to the recent horror that this country has experienced.

I have also decided to not look up the time stamp, as I’m not remembering WHY I wrote it not so long ago.  I also don’t feel like knowing to what horror it was in response to.

However, I find it sad beyond sad that I had, at some time past, felt the need to write it at all, and that I now feel the need to post it in response to something new.

Enough already.  Find the love.

Today, I’ve decided….

I’ve made a conscience decision today;  just now, upon review of events unfolding and unwinding, floating up into air and across our lands.

Here, in my baby blue and purple flowerdy robe, on my blue and brown and beige striped bed.

I’ve made a decision, fueled by acceptance in my heart instead of fear inside my head.

It’s so easy to hate, to scream ignorance, to take the party-line approach and join media fueled frenzies.

I’ve decided today that I won’t.  Not here, not with my children, not with my laptop.

Today I will pray for you, for them, for us all.

Pray for health, happiness and love;  warmth, full tummies and full hearts.

Today I’ve decided to believe that good wins over evil, always and in all ways.

Today, I’ve decided to stop hating, stop judging and start loving.

Please, won’t you join me?

Today, you decide.

—Enough already.  Just damn enough.  Today, I wish you love.



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