on violation and shame: a letter to my children

I am violated.  I am ashamed.

You may not think this affects me; a straight white girl of very modest income bordering on non-existent income.

A white girl far removed from Missouri, Florida, Louisiana, and now Texas;  and all the other numerous places of violation and shame.

A white girl safe in her small village, outside her small town in a small part of Upstate New York.

But my heart is not small.

My mind is not small

My sense of right, justice and fairness is quite large; in fact quite as large as any other being in my county.  I dare say.

I am violated, today.  I am, AGAIN, ashamed.

As I was yesterday.  As I was last month, and the month before….


So again, I speak to you; my children, and I want you not to look.  I want you to shut your ears, and not listen.  I now seem to want this on a daily basis.

But, children, to hide would be wrong.

We are violated; in our minds, in our hearts and deep into our very souls.

Children, no.  This is not the way it should be.

Children, no.  There are NO reasons valid enough to kill.

Children, no.  EVERY life matters.

EVERY fucking life matters.

Children, we MUST stand up for peace.

Children, we MUST act with love.

Children, we MUST act with respect.

We MUST NOT close our eyes and shut our ears.

We MUST open our mouths and speak out against hate.

No one has the right to violate.  No one deserves to be violated.  Not a single black person, gay person or police officer.

Every fucking LIFE matters.

And when our prospective new leaders of our “land of the free” start spouting off about how they will be our salvation; that THEY are the hero for us, if we’d only elect them…

We will probably feel violated again.

Children, for that, I am ashamed and sorry.

So, children, I hope that I am making myself clear.

Children, we MUST stop the violence.

And I will help you to do so.



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