The Rest of September

Rice Krispie air?  No, not yet!

She is waiting.  Running out onto the porch with the trash to check, every morning.  Not yet, she knows it’s near, and so she waits.  Just the beginning of cooler weather in the mornings, just the very beginning, and she is impatient for temperatures to fall.

She remembers the years past, on the drive home from work around 7am.  The very glitter in the air, she knows the route to take to get the best view.  Up Buffalo, the trees on the right just scream at her as the rising sun reflects off of leaves facing east.  The very air glitters, you can see each speck; suspended, floating.

She never understood why people aren’t just stopping to gaze in awe.  No cars pulled over, no person paused in their dog walking.  How can they just not see it?  Was it only for her?

This magic dusting.

This gold, this bronze.  Bright white yellows and reds.

Was it only for her?  This magic dusting.

This glittery air.

Only for her.

So she must slog through the rest of September to reach her reward.


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