Change can be good. Don’t be afraid of change. Just make sure you are moving forward, never backward.

It’s just the way I was brought up.

I recall the lesson from moving around a lot, growing up with a military father. Hi, Dad. 🙂

Change is good, change is necessary. When the change is due to a choice you are making, make sure it is a forward move. Lateral is okay, too; as long as there is a step forward in the near future, because forward is the ultimate goal.

Never make a change and go backward.

When the change is due to a choice someone else has made (or someones else) and you have no choice but to go along for the ride, it is up to you to make that change a forward move for yourself.

What can you do, in your immediate life and throughout your day to day activities, in order to make a positive move forward for you?

The results of this past election was not my choice. It was a huge move backward.

But I don’t want to move backward. I was taught to never move backward.

Since this choice has been made for me, I’ve taken a few steps forward for myself and am going to ensure that my voice and choice to not move backward is heard by those looking to push me that other direction.

I’d been thinking of going back to school, and had already been accepted into a program for a BA in English at Arizona State University. Sadly, the tuition was twice what I could afford and I was not able to move forward there.

As a result of this election, I turned to more local options and have found another forward path. I’ve enrolled in my community college, starting with an associate’s in Human Services.

From there, I plan to find a BA program in Human Rights.

Yes, Human Rights. Because that’s where we need our focus right now. That is where this election threatens to take us backward.

I’ve also joined a few organizations, signed a few petitions, and shown my support.

I urge anyone who also feels like moving forward, or at least protecting the forward moves we’ve already accomplished, to check these out.

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division


The American Civil Liberties Union

I’ve also found local groups in my area, and urge you to do the same. As a single mom with very tight finances, I have not been able to pledge monetary support, nor has that been required.

Just educate yourself on how you can keep this country moving forward by following important updates and news from sources like these. Sign their petitions. Continue to stand up for humans everywhere and don’t let anyone push you back.

Change can be good. As long as that change moves us forward. It is up to us to ensure that it does.




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