Fools Often Graze off the gentle souls of the night.


Smoke from a factory,outlines,a tree free of leaves. Life’s like this,sometimes,in the night: Laid bare.

Heart Sounds

Dear my love, Do you remember our first conversation?You were two days old and I was exhausted.Lying in bed next to me, it was about 2 a.m.and you had woken–not crying–just looking. I’m not sure what made me wake.You weren’t making a sound.You didn’t need anything from me,you were just being. Not hungry, not wet.You…


this life is nothing but a pretty penny

The Ward

I watch you all in the darkness,my own chest tight and uneasy. In this cold, quiet space,with only nurses’ whispers in the air. My watch I must complete,every quarter of an hour. Yet there are no clocks here.No clocks anywhere. You all are asleep for now, and I wonder: are your demons resting?Or does the…


i don’t know my hair is falling out of my clip, my youngest is weeping at my hip. all i can think, is if we’d had support, we’d have escaped beyond the brink.  

I am…

invisible. a blessing. a curse.


I won’t. I CAN’T. I will bite my lip until it draws red berry blood. Because this is YOUR life.  And YOUR tree. And in that same vein; in that beautiful, pulsing, green living thing, PLEASE respect that you need say nothing about my own.


i admit…. i’m drawn to all things lightning and thunder does that mean i crave the violence? no, i just crave the violent emotion because, only through that…. do i fully feel alive.