New world leader, in miniature?

I remember vividly when I broke the news about the presidential election in 2008, and the democratic nominees, to my then ten year old daughter, Abby.  I knew, even though so young, she had developed her own unique and strong opinions, and that she would appreciate the fact that a woman was running for president. We […]

Don’t let your past define your present.

March, 2011– The yelling jolted me awake around 7am; through my feverish, chest infected fog, and it was coming from the girls’ room upstairs. I ran up to find my 9 year old covered in blood from her thighs down. What 9 year old removes a window and uses it AS A BRIDGE to walk […]

August’s Poem of the Month

Memory This one little bit I will keep for me, today; hide it up on a dark, damp, weather-worn shelf. I will look again later, peruse when I’m ready, and so from my mind, I seal it up for myself. Neat and tidy; boxed and safe, don’t ask me for it, it’s put away. I […]

Why I support Black Lives Matter

It’s the bottom rung, folks…the last of a series of rungs and the furthest from the top. And so we must make it the beginning, where else is there to start from? We must recognize this bottom rung, and build up from it.  We cannot entrust goodness and prosperity, fairness and justice to the trickle-down […]

July’s Poem of the Month

The Gutter Grub along each gutter pennies tight in fist cigarette butts half smoked how did it come to this? Peel through life’s trash left discarded without thought maybe a treasure here or the scrounge will be for naught. Bread and milk to buy a nickel here and there the search goes on and on […]