i don’t know my hair is falling out of my clip, my youngest is weeping at my hip. all i can think, is if we’d had support, we’d have escaped beyond the brink.  

I am…

invisible. a blessing. a curse.


I won’t. I CAN’T. I will bite my lip until it draws red berry blood. Because this is YOUR life.  And YOUR tree. And in that same vein; in that beautiful, pulsing, green living thing, PLEASE respect that you need say nothing about my own.


i admit…. i’m drawn to all things lightning and thunder does that mean i crave the violence? no, i just crave the violent emotion because, only through that…. do i fully feel alive.

fire and fight

some days, i don’t have the fight. other days, i have the fight AND the fire. those are the days you need to watch out for.


don’t trust what you hear do trust what you see but above all trust yourself to know how to tell the difference


i would rather err on the side of doing too much than take a chance on doing too little i think of this when i get the opportunity to use my privilege

Dear Nurse (for Korrinne)

Kindness took the watch with no hands then lent it her own, strong and filled with love and patience. Hope took the Cheshire cat with no smile gave up her lips full and teeth bright with night’s starlight. Compassion took the broken body with no bones built it up with her mighty deeds and errands…

Keep Looking

Sometimes things just don’t fit your vision and they don’t for a reason. So find what does. No matter how many different things you may have to look at.


if nobody sees you, please know that i am looking, and you are beautiful. if nobody hears you, please know that i am listening and that your words mean everything. please, don’t give up. and please know that as I am giving you my own words, right now,  it is enough to keep ME going….


The illumination of light is essential. In the burning away of your false perception.